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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Enjoy your vacation (I sure am!).
Busy with Towson University right now ^^;
Nao vs. Sirenitia:
Fight of the Fiery Furies Part 2
Meanwhile at the spectator area, everyone there is watching on in a state of curiosity – while Misty simply smiles amusedly.
“You know what’s she going to do, yes?” Maria asks the quirky Ghostfae, who simply nods in response.
Just then, some of the guys – Takakazu, Robbie, Aaron, and Vesper – show up and walk over to the group with question marks above their heads.
Upon seeing her boyfriend, Misty flies over to and lands gracefully in his arms to hug him on the spot.
“Yo, Misty.  What’s going down here?” Vesper asks as he returns the hug.
“Nao and Sirenitia are at the shore in an all-out duel to test each other’s powers.  They’re at a draw in the martial arts and weapon rounds, now it’s onto the final act – magic,” Maria explains the situation in a nutshell.
“At least they won’t hurt each other now considering they’re immune to their own element.  This will be interesting, no doubt,” Robbie asks amusedly with a wink.
“Uh . . . what do you mean by that?” the tokusatsu hero ask nervously with an anime sweatdrop.
“Don’t try to fake it, man.  Now be quiet, it’s starting again,” Vesper winks amusedly as he and his pals join the spectator crowd.
“They have fifteen minutes to resolve this.  If they don’t by then, we’ll have to end it ourselves whatever they like it or not,” Maria points out insistently.
“I understand, Maria-san.  Knowing they’re both powerful magical-wise, it may have come to that,” a concerned Takakazu agrees with a nod.
Back at the now-quiet battle scene, Nao stands still as her miko dress suddenly – and literally – goes up in flames.  As its ashes fly off into the summer breeze, the fiery miko is now revealed wearing nothing but a red beach bikini.  She then turns around to reveal her exposed back – which reads a large kaiji message in Enkokian text and fire-based colors.  It reads as follows . . .
Like a phoenix
And in dying
To the Earth return
And reborn anew
“Ahh, like a phoenix.  I see now . . .” Sirenitia smiles amusedly as she reads this kaiji, just before going into Muay Thai mode with fists already on fire.
Nao raises up her bracelet-dressed wrist in the air and presses the phoenix-shaped button.  Just like that, it bursts out into a spiraling storm of red, yellow, orange, and white flames.  “PHOENIX WING FORM HATSODOU!” she echoes out sternly.
Thus, the miko fairy spins around in a slow, graceful manner like a professional ballerina while the magical wildfire quickly engulfs her and whirls around like a cyclone.  
Once this transformation sequence is complete two minutes later, the flames fly off of Nao like a balloon bursting into pieces.  She turns around and winks cheerfully as she raises her left arm to reveal a flaming phoenix wing underneath.
“Phoenix, the warrior senshi of fiery love and justice, has made the scene like a roaring inferno!” the newly-transformed miko announces in a happy, triumphant tone.
“Cool!  Let’s see what you can do in this form,” Sirenitia insists cheerfully as she does the ‘Bring It!’ hand motion.
“Very well . . . not only of my own special attacks, but also the results of my training from the great tutelage of Takakazu-sensei.  Prepare yourself!” Phoenix smiles amusedly as she charges forward with a flying kick already with the speed of a bullet.  “FLYING MISSILE KICK!”
Sirenitia wastes no time in blocking this with her palms . . . only to quickly submerge into the sand due to the extreme speed generated.
Once Phoenix finally stops and lands gracefully on the sand, she looks down to see her cowgirl opponent buried completely . . . except for a single hand waving around frantically while loud mumbling is heard underneath.
“Ugh, that was one heck of a kick,” Sirenitia complements nervously as her tokusatsu counterpart helps her out.  “Now for a trick of my own.”
With that, the fiery cowgirl flies upwards into the sky while flapping her own phoenix wings rapidly like a hummingbird.
In just seconds, several glowing orange energy projectiles in the shape of feathers appear all around Sirenitia.  Once she flaps her wings downward, they all fall down at their target like a hailstorm from the depths of Hades.
A cool and calm Phoenix simply stands her ground as she watches the incoming feather barrage – and then zips all about the scene Dragon Ball Z-style as if she’s teleporting constantly just for the heck of it.
Once the feathery firestorm subsides with all fifty projectiles pinned onto the sand, the sentai heroines stops her evasion act and unleashes a massive neon blue fireball from her hands.
Sirenitia yelps in fright as she quickly shifts to her left to avoid the incoming inferno . . . not knowing that it makes a sudden U-turn and smacks its target on the back.
Naturally, this sends the muscular fairy hitting the sand yet again – this time with enough force to leave an impression there.
“Ugh . . . what on Avalonia was that, hun?” a dazed Sirenitia asks as she clumsily climbs out of the hole shaped as herself.
“My Homing Blaze attack.  By evading enough enemy attacks, I can unleash a fireball with 100% accuracy,” Phoenix explains logically.  “Takakazu-senshi taught me this.”
“What a unique attack.  Well, here’s something my Butterfae sista taught me,” the cowboy fairy smirks amusedly.
With that, Sirenitia twirls around in a ballerina Pointe as a storm of red, orange, yellow, and white flames engulfs her in seconds flat.  Phoenix watches on curiously as the fiery lightshow gradually changes shape into that of a tiger.
Once this transformation is complete not long after, the fiery tiger lands on the wet sand with a loud thud and lets out a mighty skyward roar as its battle cry.  It’s a roaring fiery orange with glowing red stripes that run down to its tail.
The faux-tiger inferno opens up its glowing yellow ‘eyes’ and looks down at its opponent with an intimidating growl that would send anyone’s blood run cold.
But Phoenix, being the brave and determined warrior she is, simply stands her ground with an amused smirk.  “An animal transformation, heh?  Well, I have some news for you . . .” she finally says with a wink.
With that, the super-powered miko shoots upward into the sky as several rings of white flame trail in a rhythmic beat from her boots.  “PHOENIX HEART IGNITE!” she cries out as she’s suddenly engulfed in another sparkling firestorm.
This particular fiery whirlwind quickly takes form of an actual phoenix with fiery yellow feathers, each as big as Phoenix herself.  It opens up its glowing red ‘eyes’ as it stares down at its wild feline counterpart.
The tiger lets out another echoing roar as it charges upward at its new prey.  The literal phoenix lets out an echoing screech as its own battle cry before swooping upwards like a flaming comet from outer space.
Upon contact with each other at last, they thrust their limbs with glowing white claws suddenly flashing – the phoenix with its feet and the tiger with both front paws – causing a small, non-fatal explosion to occur.
Once this fancy collision spectacle ceases into thin air, the fiery animals lay on each other with vicious swipes and stab attacks in a lightning-fast duel.  Due to being equally fast and furious though, they only accomplish in blocking each other’s blows.
Having enough of its fancy parrying, the phoenix pecks right at the tiger’s right eye to incapacitate the fiery big cat on the spot.  It then proceeds to waylay onto the hurting tiger with several wing swipes and tail whips in a vicious lightning-quick combo, culminating in a giant bite at its neck for the grand ender.
Just as the flaming bird opens its jaws wide though, the roaring feline strikes back by thrusting its paws into its prey’s mouth and snaps its beak like the back end of a hammer.  While the phoenix screeches in agonizing pain, the fiery feline wastes no time in swiping it ravenously like a fresh slab of meat with fiery feathers flying out with each slash.
Upon reaching the shore, the tiger quickly gets onto its prey’s stomach to use as a cushion as they both plunge deep into the sand with a thunderous thud.
About half a minute later, a volcanic burst of lava bursts out from the bird-shaped impression with another echoing screech from below.  Once this fancy lava showcase subsides another thirty seconds later, the flaming bird itself rises forth in a slow, dramatic fashion – while holding the fiery feline by its back.
Then just like that, the phoenix simply slams its feline opponent into the sand yet again.  It then ‘laughs’ amusedly at this moment, with the audience joining in from the distance.
Of course, this taunting usually equals vulnerability – and sure enough, the fiery feline lunges out of its own impression and grabs its prey at the neck in one go.  Enough with toying around now, it proceeds to shake its phoenix around in the air violently like a rabid dog shredding a squeeze toy before bashing it on the sand five times in a row, each hit becoming more brutal.
Having enough of this punishing combo on the receiving end, the phoenix roars in a low pitch to the point of sounding like an angry lion as it suddenly glows neon red.  In this powered-up rage, it swipes the tiger’s claws aside with both wings and then charges right at its feline opponent’s neck while spinning like a horizontal tornado.
The tiger roars in agonizing pain as its feathery opponent drills right through its throat in a violent manner.  Once it completely makes a rough jagged role through its drilling site, the phoenix flies on top of its feline opponent and stomps on it hard – to the point of making yet ANOTHER tiger-shaped impression.
With that assault accomplished, the phoenix staggers about in a dizzy manner as if suffering from vertigo from a roller coaster and falls face-first onto the wet sand.
As for the fiery tiger, it crawls out of its self-made hole while wheezing heavily due to its hollowed-out throat and lets out one last mighty roar to signify its victory.
And just like that, both feuding fairies burst out of their animalistic ‘armor’ like they were busted balloons.  Despite that brutal and seemingly fatal confrontation they initiated, none of the burning ladies have even a scratch inflicted on them.
“OH MY STARS!  That was one heck of an animal brawl if I’ve ever saw one,” Sirenitia exclaims happily as she stretches her limbs to cool down.
“More like a maul to the death if you ask me,” Nao points out as she gets up and walks over to her cowgirl opponent.  “Now that we’re through with that, shall we resume our superheroine duel?”
“But of course, sugah cube?” Sirenitia smiles with a nod as she suddenly whips her ponytail around her miko opponent until she’s completely covered in the golden yellow strands.
With that, the fiery cowgirl yanks her ponytail violently like a spinning top, leaving Phoenix engulfed in a whirlwind of roaring flame.  After a few seconds of cooking within, the tokusatsu heroine suddenly shoots out like a rocket heading to the moon with a smoke trail trailing from her feet.
Once she’s reached the clouds further up, Phoenix grumbles in annoyance as she looks down at her muscular opponent.
“You want to play hard ball some more?  Wish granted . . . HAYABUSA POUNCE!!” the tokusatsu heroine calls out as her legs suddenly combust into red hot flames.
With that, Phoenix zooms back down feet-first on top of an unsuspecting Sirenitia, slamming her completely into the sand.  She then hops out of the hole and then stomps down hard on the shore while calling out ‘INFERNO SHOCKWAVE!’
Since the shore has become dry due to all of this heat, a sandstorm suddenly kicks up with sand flying everywhere as the fiery rings of death course throughout the battle scene.
Naturally due to the shockwave’s vibration, a dazed Sirenitia is shot up from the sandy depths with typical swirling eyes and dancing flames above her head.
“RAPID FIRE FISTCUFFS!” Phoenix calls out as she zooms up at her wayward opponent and unloads fifty flaming punches in a span of five seconds.
Just before the super-powered miko can finish Sirenitia off with a giant flaming uppercut, the cowgirl fairy suddenly gains consciousness in time to grab the incoming fireball of a mean fist and throws Phoenix herself down into the freshly-made hole.
Upon landing gracefully on the sand with a light tap, the fiery cowgirl raises forth a giant flaming fist of her own and slams it down on the shore.
Just like that, Phoenix is shot upwards while on top of a giant gust of lava and flying pumice.  She isn’t hurt at all by this surprise attack, just embarrassed as evidence by her face blushing.
But Sirenitia isn’t done with her miko opponent just yet as she quickly whips her ponytail around to send several glowing yellow stars flying right at Phoenix.
The tokusatsu heroine yelps in fright just before dropping down from the lava geyser to front this quasi-celestial flurry . . .
. . . Only to hit what appears to be a yellow star-shaped landmine on the ground, triggering a small explosion on impact.  This sends the hapless Phoenix over to . . .
. . . ANOTHER such landmine a few feet away.  I think it should be obvious what happens then.
After being flung from the resultant explosion, the super-powered miko gets flung right into . . . YET ANOTHER star-shaped landmine.
This goes on and on for the next three minutes since Sirenitia somehow managed to conjure up over thirty landmines in the duration of Phoenix’s time on top of the lava fountain.  As for the cowgirl fairy, she just sits down while casually sharpen her fingernails.
Meanwhile at the spectator crowd, Nao’s group brings their heads down in utter embarrassment while Sirenitia’s group cheers happily – all except for Maria, who casually looks at her digital watch.  
“Five minutes and counting, people,” the steel fairy informs everyone.
Upon hearing this update, Misty and Seraphina yelp in fright and look at each other just before zipping out of there for reasons only they know.
“Huh?  Was it something I just said?” a surprised Maria asks as she watches the ‘Fae sisters head into the fiery fray.
Back at the battlefield, Sirenitia is still sharpening her fingernails like nobody’s business . . . just as a dizzy Phoenix stumbles over slowly as if she’s been on the roller coaster again.
Just before the feuding fairies can even open their mouths, their bonded ‘Faes fly over to them excitedly – with Misty healing Phoenix with another Heart Shower spell.
“Thank you, Misty.  What’s going on, if I may ask?” the super-powered miko asks gratefully as she changes back to plain ol’ Nao Renge.
“Maria says you and Sirenitia have five minutes left to settle this battle once and for all – and we want you to end it in style by transforming you into your ultimate forms!” Seraphina glitter-writes with a cheerful smile.
“TOTALLY!  Are you MEGA-ready to end this with a bang – or a BOOM-BOOM!?!” Misty glitter-adds with a cheerful giggle.
“You betcha!” Sirenitia smiles excitedly as she high-fives her bonded Butterfae.
“As in becoming Angelic Flame?  YAY!  GODDESS ANGEL ASCEND!!!” Nao echoes happily as she starts spinning around like a ballerina as her alternate transformation sequence commences instantly.
“Uh . . . since my super form doesn’t need a magical chant like yours, but I’ll shout something out for dramatic sake – FAIRY KNIGHT MAKE-UP!  FLAME ON!” Sirenitia echoes out as well – just before pressing the gold star charm on her pearl bracelet.
Just like that, an explosion of red, orange, yellow, and white fireworks in the shapes of flames, shooting stars, and angel wings pop out in the sky like it’s an epic Independence Day firework show.  The spectator crowd watches in awe with the accompanying ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s as all of this goes down for roughly half a minute.
Back at the battle scene, Nao and Sirenitia are revealed in their super forms with Misty and Seraphina at their sides – Angelic Flame for the fiery miko, and Super Fairy Knight for the fiery cowgirl.  
The ‘Fae sisters give their mega-powered humanoid sistas a big thumbs-up before zipping out of there.  “GOOD LUCK!” they call out in their native tongue as they fly back to the spectator crowd.
Just then, Maria flies over to the mega-powered duo and points at her watch.  “Just four minutes left, gals.  Make it count,” she announces casually just before exiting as quickly as she came.
“Well, this is it, sugah cube.  Don’t hold back now, ‘cuz I won’t, the fiery fairy knight insists as she cracks her fiery knuckles.
“I don’t intend to,” Nao smirks amusedly as she and her cowgirl opponent zooms up to the sky to begin.  “ANGEL FEATHER STORM!”
With that magical phrase said, a flurry of flaming white feathers fly out of the angelic miko’s wings in an all-too-familiar pattern – right to the release by flapping the aforementioned wings forward.
“Hey!  That’s - my – attack – copy - cat!” Sirenitia exclaims in a skipping beat as she dodges each and every fiery feather heading her way.  “Fine!  You want to play wisegal, I’ll be more than happy to oblige!”
With that, the fairy knight smooches her own hands - and blows out a giant lip-shaped fireball from her mouth.
Nao yelps as she simply dives downward to avoid the incoming fiery kiss – not knowing that it makes a sudden U-turn and heads back towards her from behind.
“EEK!” the angel miko screeches as she zips off with the flaming hot smooch still in hot pursuit.
“How did Nao found out that fireball is homing in on her?” Robbie asks curiously.
“Mikos are known sometimes to harbor psychic powers such as clairvoyance and telepathy to sense danger,” Gwenevere explains to the point.
Just then, Nao zips on by the audience much to their gasping surprise.
“Why did she – Oh no . . .” Robbie mutters dreadfully as he looks to his right . . .
. . . Just as the Flaming Kiss flies right at his handsome mug, kissing him head-on.  He screams in an echoing tone while suddenly shooting upwards with an accompanying trail of smoke.
Upon landing back down, poor Robbie is scurrying back and forth with his hair ablaze in a giant inferno.
Everyone next to the fiery black mage sweatdrops nervously as Gwenevere casually unleashes her own Heart Shower spell to heal him on the spot.
Meanwhile, Nao returns to the battle scene in time to see an annoyed Sirenitia crossing her arms.
“That was most UNcool, sugah cube,” the fiery fairy knight mutters annoyingly.
“Well, what’s the idea of throwing a kiss at me!?!  It only makes for – well – unfortunate complications,” the angel miko points out nervously with a sweat drop.
“Less talk, more burn!  DRAGON FIST!” Sirenitia cries out as she thrusts another fiery fist at Nao’s way.
Suddenly, the flame for this flying fist grows into a raging Chinese dragon that quickly swallows up the angel miko when she least expects it.
The long-necked dragon shakes its mouth violently as if it’s gargling its mouth after a good teeth brushing and then bashes its own head against a big rock on the beach – yes, it’s THAT big – several times to REALLY put the hurt on poor Nao.
Just then, the fiery dragon suddenly glows bright white with glowing orange and yellow sparkles surrounding it.  The infernal beast lets out an agonizing roar as it’s suddenly swirling into a circling flame stream – and absorbing itself into the angelic miko herself.
“Grand move you have there, Sirenitia-sama – though you didn’t count on my Fire Leech special power.  And now . . .  LEECH RELEASE!” Nao calls out amusedly as she unleashes several red, white, yellow, and white fireballs that hone in on her cowgirl opponent.
“MY STARS!” Sirenitia calls out in fright just before being bombarded by the relentless barrage with no time to react.
Fifty fireballs later, the fairy knight is left reeling as she sees fireballs dancing about her head.  She shakes them off – as well as her daze – and whips out . . . well, a whip made of pure flame from thin air.
With that, Sirenitia whips this – well, flame whip – around Nao by the waist like she’s a bull and yanks over to her.  She then casually unloads over a hundred fire punches like the angel miko is a punching bag from the Harmonia Gym.
Just then, a peeved-off Nao breaks free of her flaming restraints and throws Sirenitia away from her.  She then, for some reason, starts waving her arms around while opening and closing her hands at random points.
Suddenly, the fairy knight is thrown all over the sky like an out-of-control pinball due to a sudden – and consecutive – series of white lily-shaped fireworks.
“You know, this is starting to feel more like a fireworks show than a battle,” Takakazu smiles amusedly as he eats a hot dog with mustard and diced onions on top.
If you’re wondering where the tokukatsu hero has got his meal, let’s cut to Seraphina cooking hot dogs and burgers on a grill from out of nowhere.  She’s humming along cheerfully while wearing a chef’s hat and apron, flipping the patties and links constantly.
Aaron is right next to her, cooking up baked beans and coleslaw on a stove – also out of nowhere.  Every minute or so, he kneels down to a giant cooler right next to him and throws out a soda can over to the group.
“I rest your case,” Maria grumbles annoyingly as she resumes watching the battle – while eating a hot dog herself.  Hypocrite.
After being repaid in full, Sirenitia shakes off her daze and lets out an angry scream – one so loud and in such a high pitch that it produces a sonicwave in the likes of Black Canary . . . with the additive effect of a red-hot flaming aura for added hunt.
Nao gets smacked-dab in the vortex of this death scream and covers her ears as hard as she can.  She tries stomping on the aura’s boundaries to smash it open like glass, but it’s hard as bullet-proof plastic from SWAT shields.
“ANGELIC TELEPORT!” the angel miko shouts out as she suddenly disappears in a flash of holy white light.
Upon seeing this, Sirenitia finally stops her anger-relieving scream and pants profusely with sweat sprinklers flying from her head.
As if it’s a coincidence, Nao suddenly reappears via another Angelic Teleport and flies over to her cowgirl opponent.  “You okay there?” she asks concernedly.
“Yeah, that felt good actually.  Ready to rock on some more?” Sirenitia asks cheerfully.
The angel miko nods affirmatively in response, with her cowgirl opponent nodding back – just before kicking her right foot in a full circle as it glows sparkling yellow – with several flaming stars of the same color flying out.
This sends the surprised Nao spinning for a loop just before she maintains her balance and performs a Tornado Kick – as it suddenly turns a flaming red.  As it continues its flaming spin, it conjures up a fiery whirlwind that sucks everything in its path . . .
But since there’s nothing in the sky right now - except for Sirenitia, so she’ll do.  The shocked cowgirl fairy yelps in fright just before attempting to fly away, but the spinning inferno’s gravity pull is too great to resist.
So naturally, the armored cowgirl gets sucked in easily as she screams her lungs out.  Several ‘OUCH’s and ‘OOF’s are heard inside since she’s gone uncontrollable pinball mode against her will – again.
Just a couple of minutes later, Sirenitia’s suddenly shot up in the same manner as Robbie under the full impact of the Flaming Kiss.
It isn’t long before the knight fairy halts her smoky ascent and zooms back down with teeth clenching in rage.
Once face-to-face with Nao again, Sirenitia starts glowing an angry red with orange sparks flying from her hair.  The angel miko suddenly starts glowing as well – only in holy white with glowing pink feathers flying from her own hair.
Both fully charged-up with chi energy, the feuding fairies start rushing at each other and go at another lightning-fast flurry that lets out several sparks and feathers flying from each collision in a kaleidoscope lightshow from the sixties.  Sirenitia is 100% on the offensive, fueling each closed fist with every bit with every bit of her rage – while Nao is on the complete opposite, blocking each and every blow with her open palm blocks.
This goes on for half a minute before the magic before the mega-powered fairies’ auras finally dissipate after all of that venting.  Nao and Sirenitia stop what they’re doing and take another half-minute for a breather.
“Impressive, Sirenitia-sama . . . Seraphina trained you well . . .” the angel miko complements calmly.
“Same goes with Misty and – oh, Captain Hawk – for you,” the armored cowgirl wheezes amusedly.  “What about weapon-wise?”
“You mean this?” Nao smirks amusedly as she summons forth her Diamond Wing Shinai from out of thin air.  “What about you?”
“These will do,” Sirenitia replies pleasantly as she summons forth two large chakrams – Chinese loop-shaped blades – in both her hands just like that.  “I call these Sun Chakrams since they look like suns, obviously.”
“Then let’s end it here and now,” the angel miko smiles as she charges forth with her transparent, angel wing-tipped Kendo sword held at her side.
With that, both feuding fairies start clashing their blades in yet another lightning-fast flurry as yellow and white sparks fly forth with each other like another firework-style lightshow.  The more, the merrier for the audience.
Afterwards, Sirenitia flies away backwards and throws her chakrams right at Nao – nailing her with a direct hit just before returning to their owner like boomerangs.
“ACK!  Enough!  SNINAI BLAZING WAVE!” the angel miko calls out as she points her upgraded Kendo sword at her cowgirl opponent – shooting out multiple streams of white-hot flame from the very tip.
Although they don’t damage Sirenitia due to her being immune to her element, the streams do at least knock the fiery cowgirl for a loop, even spinning her out of control as an added bonus.
Sirenitia growls annoyingly by this but then smiles slyly due to having come up with an idea.  With that, she lets go of her Sun Chakrams as they suddenly spin around her like shield pods from early-nineties shmup video games.
“WHAT?!” Nao shrieks in surprise as the spinning fairy pinball bounces her way, colliding head-on and waylaying on the off-guard miko with her chakrams still spinning and slashing over a hundred times in just half a minute.
Rest assured, Sirenitia has set her circular blades set on stun mode.  As soon as she stops spinning around, she grabs her chakrams and throws them again for the finishing blow.
But Nao easily reflects the boomerang suns with her diamond shinai in return, watching as they return to their owner and whack her a hundredfold.
“I used Malfunctioning Reflect to turn your chakrams against you,” Nao giggles shyly.
“Very funny,” Sirenitia grumbles annoyingly as she then gives her own weapons a hard kick, shattering them into pieces just like that.
“I tire of playing around . . . I . . . will . . . WIN!” the angel miko growls in a determined tone as she tosses her gem sword aside.
With that, Nao’s hands start charging up with white-hot flames that suddenly engulf them whole with surrounding pink flame swirls.
“So the endgame has finally come, eh?  Sorry sugah cube, but I’M the one who will come out on top!” Sirenitia smirks amusedly as she undergoes the same power-up procedure with her flames being red with orange swirls.
With that, the feuding fairies scream in a blood-curling manner as they unleash their flame energy with a loud ‘BOOM!’ at each other.  The resultant spiraling blasts collide as full power and equal length, not moving an inch forward or backward.
Both fiery fairies start sweat-sprinkling profusely as they try their hardest to push their force blasts toward each other – but to no avail, for they’re still equal.  The collision creates a firework spectacle of epic proportions, starting off with the standard fireworks from their ultimate form transformations . . .
. . . Following with the flashy lights from the feuding fairies’ own firework-esque special attacks . . .
. . . Then immediately followed by giant fireworks that resemble spiraling flames and flapping angel wings popping all over the sky as far as the spectator crowd can see and witness.
Meanwhile, everyone at the audience ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s at their firework parade to beat out all firework shows in the history of Avalonia – and maybe even Earth.
As for Maria, she takes a quick look at her watch and nods affirmatively.  “Their time is up.  Let’s end it now, guys and gals,” she informs insistently.
“I’ll do that, Maria-sama – though I require additional protection from all of that exploding fire,” Gwenevere assures as she flies upward from her seat.
Misty flies over to her other bonded humanoid and nods affirmatively, as if saying “I’ll help you.  Let’s do this.”
“Thank you, Misty-sama.  ANGELIC HEART ASCEND!” the semi-angel cries out as she undergoes her own magical transformation sequence.
After Gwenevere transforms into her Super Angelic Knight form, she flies forth into the fiery fairy to end it once and for all.
It isn’t long for the armored semi-angel to reach the fighting fairies, still in extreme deadlock with no end in sight.  Then again, she and Misty have their Spirit Shields activated for protection against the still-exploding fiery spectacle with splash damage up the wazoo.
With that, Gwenevere whips out her Angelic Microphone from thin air and starts up her Siren Serenade power.  The wavy streams of silvery mist, glowing pink hearts, and neon musical notes swirl over to the battle scene slowly but surely . . .
. . . And then split up in two separate streams to get two phoenixes with one stone just like that.  Upon learning Gwenevere’s beautiful and soothing lullaby going right through their ears, the feuding fairies gradually cease their deadlock as their force blasts grow smaller until it’s become like a laser beam.
Both Nao and Sirenitia try as hard as they can to stay awake with more sweat sprinklers flying, but Gwenevere’s voice is too much even for them to overcome . . . although the armored cowgirl is the one to fall fast asleep first.
Taking advantage of this, the gradually-dozing angel miko lets out one quick burst of her force blast to send her cowgirl opponent down . . . down . . . down to the shore – and right through the sand for one more impression.
“I won . . . at last . . .” Nao whispers happily just before finally heading to dreamland.
With both fiery fairies catching Z’s now, the amazing fiery backdrop they’ve conjured up gradually shrinks down with each firework becoming a new star to fill the sky – which is now night with a full moon shining forth.
Takakazu gasps in horror upon seeing his star pupil falling down into the ocean below and wastes no time in running to her rescue.  Upon reaching his maximum speed, he transforms into Hawk and activates his steel wings to fly off like Superman.
Just as the still-sleeping Nao is about to hit the water, Hawk zips right on by and scoops up the angel miko safely in his arms.
“WH-WHAT HAPPENED?!?” Nao shrieks in fright, no doubt taken surprise by suddenly being grabbed.
“Your battle was immediately ceased due to time constraints . . . but since you send Sirenitia pummeling into the shore – AGAIN – this makes you the winner,” the hawk-shaped sentai informs casually as he returns to the shore.
“YES!  I WON!” Nao shouts happily as she raises her fists in triumph.
“You have done exceptionally well, my star pupil.  I now see you as my equal,” Hawk smiles with a nod of approval.
“Thank you for everything, Takakazu-senshi,” the angel miko mutters while blushing cherry red.
And with that, Nao quickly gives her tokukatsu senshi a big smooch on the lips.  She giggles shyly as Hawk is suddenly smitten with love sickness, as evidenced by swirly eyes and pink hearts floating above his head.
“W-whoa . . . w-what was that . . .” the hawk-modeled sentai mutters just before collapsing down to the shore just like that.
“EEK!” the angel miko cries out as she quickly flies upward to avoid crushing her – uh, crush and floats down by his side.  “I’m sorry about that.  It was too soon . . .”
Meanwhile, Sirenitia flies out of her sandy impression and shakes the sand off herself just as her team shows up.
“Sirenitia, are you all right?” Robbie asks concernedly as he rushes over to his true love’s side.
“But of course, Robbie!  In fact, I feel great after experiencing such an intense battle like that,” the armored cowgirl replies cheerfully just before scooping up her fiancé and smooching him with regular kisses.
“Yes, I have to admit, you’ve put up a magnificent show,” Maria complements amusedly with Aaron nodding in agreement.
Seraphina suddenly zips onto the scene and giggles happily before kissing Sirenitia several times in a non-romantic manner.
“Aw, I love ya too, sworn sista.  I guess I make you proud, eh?” the armored cowgirl asks as she hugs her bonded Butterfae with one arm while still holding a love-smitten Robbie with the other.
Seraphina nods happily in response as she sits down on Sirenitia’s shoulder from there on.  She then sees Misty and her team walking over with smiles on their faces.
“Congratulations on your win, Nao.  You’re an excellent warrior to that cause of yours for sure.  Your family will be proud, as well,” Sirenitia complements pleasantly as she shakes her hands with her miko counterpart.
“It has been an honor fighting with you too, Sirenitia-sama,” Nao smiles gratefully.  “You’re quite honorable and nice for a ‘cowgirl’.”
“Same to you as a ‘miko’, sugah cube.  So, what would you like to do to celebrate your victory?” Sirenitia asks as she puts an arm around Nao’s shoulders.
“How about we go and have some of those smoothies – you know, like the one you shared with me?” the angel miko suggests shyly.
“No problemo, it’s all on me.  Let’s go,” the armored cowgirl agrees as she flies off from the scene with her team, with Nao’s team following suit ASAP.
“I should thank you too, Misty-sama.  You are responsible for creating my magical super-forms, after all,” the angel miko points out to her bonded Ghostfae, who winks at her in return.
“Ah, Nao . . . I would like to spend some time with you later on . . . uh, alone?” Takakazu asks his star pupil while gulping nervously.
The angel miko gasps quietly upon hearing this and looks over to her tokusatsu senshi.  “Uh yes, sure!  Why not?” she giggles nervously.
“That’s good.  What place and time would be good for you?” Hawk asks as he clears his throat, back to being casual.
“Uh, how about we go to . . . uh, Smoothie King at 10:00 p.m.?” Nao asks while gulping nervously.
“You really like them smoothies, eh?” Sirenitia asks amusedly.
“Well, the fact that the cup label said ‘Nutritional Lifestyle Centers’ and well, I have to stay fit for my Ichizoku duties, you know?” the angel miko points out.
“Very well then, I’ll be looking forward to it,” Hawk smiles with a nod.
“Same here,” Nao whispers shyly as she turns away while blushing even brighter to the point of glowing.
Harmonia Profile 2: Nao vs. Sirenitia Part 2
Here's the conclusion of the battle of Nao vs. Sirenitia.  Hope you all like this story :)
Nao vs. Sirenitia:
Fight of the Fiery Furies Part 1
The sun is setting down from the clear sky as if it’s submerging into the ocean for cooling down.  The beach is bare as the gentle breeze ‘kicks’ the sand about to cover the many footprints and pole stab ‘wounds’ to literally restart on a clean slate.
Just then, two shadowy figures emerge from out of the blue – with two even smaller shadows flying on opposite sides.  Upon entering the natural ‘spotlight’, they turn out to be Nao with Misty on the left and Sirenitia with Seraphina on the right, back in their casual clothes.
The humanoid fairies silently motion their bonded ‘Faes to stay where they are, which they do without hesitation.  Seraphina and Misty sit down on the sand and get out giant buckets of popcorn from out of their hammerspace accounts as their bonded humanoids continue their dramatic walk toward the shore.
Upon reaching the damp sand there, both fiery gals change directions and walk a good ten feet away from each other.  Then they stop and turn face toward each other before bowing down Japanese style.
“Just so to let you know, I won’t be holding back.  Don’t go whining to me if I have you on the ropes,” Sirenitia warns concernedly as she makes a big muscle on her right arm.
“I do not let my pride get the best of me.  Just remember, this is just a test – and amusement,” Nao assures in a determined tone as she stretches her left arm downwards with her right arm in the opposite direction – going into her Lui He Ba Fa stance.
“Just say ‘When’ – well, when you have enough,” the cowgirl fairy points out as she puts up her dukes – going straight into her Muay Thai stance.
With that, both fire fairies charge at each other screaming all the way.  Upon colliding, they waste no time exchanging blow after blow – rapid open hand jab from Nao and fast left-right body blows from Sirenitia.  This goes on for about a minute before the miko fairy quickly swoops down and hits her cowgirl opponent with a leg sweep . . .
. . . But due to the limb’s super muscular mass, the surprise attack only sends Sirenitia pushing backwards.  The fiery cowgirl comes swinging back with a spinning backhand punch to regain her stand as well as flooring her miko counterpart to the sand in two seconds flat.
Nao grits her teeth angrily as she flips back on her feet and quickly performs a triple kick Tae Know Do style.  This sends Sirenitia seeing stars – but still standing her ground.  Not one to waste a chance for another blow in, the fiery miko shifts back to Lui He Ba Fa mode and slaps her cowgirl counterpart around with alternating thrust jabs from her palms.
Unfortunately for Nao, this attack only knocks Sirenitia back to her senses.  The fiery cowgirl herself smirks amusedly as she grabs the fiery miko by the waist and then falls back down in reverse, smacking Nao on the sand hard.  Nothing like some good old Judo to turn the tide.
The miko fairy clings painfully as she slowly gets back up for more.  “Never . . . never surrender . . .” she whispers angrily just before running over and spinning her left foot right at her cowgirl opponent’s side, which sends the fiery cowgirl falling onto the sand.
Upon getting back up while spitting out sand, Sirenitia smiles amusedly and then throws a surprise uppercut right at Nao.  The fiery miko herself yelps in fright as she quickly moves aside to her left.
Due to this missed attack, the fiery cowgirl loses her balance again and waves her arms in a cartoonish, frantic fashion to stay afoot – but Nao easily sends her eating more sand by jump-kicking Sirenitia in the back.
It isn’t long before the now-annoyed cowgirl fairy growls angrily while her miko counterpart smiles amusedly while crossing her arms.  Nao silently does the ‘Bring It!’ hand motion to provoke Sirenitia – which works as the fiery cowgirl suddenly charges over with a battle scream.
The firing fairies thus undergo another fury of flying fists, blocking each blow with lightning reflexes.  Due to Sirenitia’s superior strength, Nao starts panting and sweating profusely due to her hands getting red and swollen.
Just then, the miko fairy notices her cowgirl counterpart’s shoulder vulnerable for an open attack and sends a hard jab right there.  This takes Sirenitia by surprise as she stumbles backwards while clinging onto the affected spot.
Nao smiles in satisfaction due to having nailed one of her cowgirl opponent’s pressure spots and swoops down for another leg sweep attempt – this time right at her left shin.  It’s a successful hit this time.
Sirenitia lets out a blood-curling scream as she starts jumping about like an Espresso coffee bean getting on its own caffeine.  Not resting on her laurels by a long shot, Nao quickly jumps up and down to the sand for the third time.
The cowgirl fairy coughs up yet more sand and looks over to her miko opponent with an amused smile.  “You’re one tough bird, I must admit.  But I haven’t even scratched the surface!” she says just before unleashing a surprise forward leg sweep.
“WAAA?!” a startled Nao shrieks as she gets floored yet again.
But Sirenitia doesn’t stop there as she picks the dazed miko fairy and uses a two-armed shoulder throw to flip her onto the sand face-on.
“Ugh . . . unfortunately for you, neither have I!” Nao angrily mutters as she quickly flips upward and performs a 540 degree kick right at her cowgirl opponent’s face upon reaching the maximum height of her jump.
Caught off guard by this, the cowgirl fairy stumbles backwards before performing a hip wheel to retain her balance.  Upon looking forward, she sees her miko counterpart coming at her with a vertical axe kick to send her eating sand yet again.
Sirenitia wipes her mouth off of sand – not blood if you’re wondering – and quickly flies upwards to Nao’s pretty face with a Superman Punch.  The miko fairy herself yelps in wide-eyed horror before being knocked over thirty feet away from the site.
Upon hitting the sand, Nao slides over an additional twenty feet before being completely buried in the stuff.  
Just then, Seraphina and Misty fly over to the makeshift ‘grave’ in a solemn manner.  The Ghostfae puts a giant lily on there while crying out in waterfalls while her Butterfae sister gets out a marble gravestone and puts it on the left end while saying funeral psalms from the Holy Bible.
“Ack!  I’m not dead!  I’M NOT DEAD!” Nao cries out frantically as she bursts out from the sandy grave.
“ACK!  A ZOMBIE!” Seraphina cries out in her native tongue before exiting stage left like a certain roadrunner with Misty at her side.
In response, the fiery miko face-palms herself while shaking her head in annoyance.  With that, she zips off back to Sirenitia to resume their duel.
Once Nao has finally returned to the battle site, she sees Sirenitia sipping on a high-banana smoothie from Smoothie King.
“Sorry for that embarrassing moment there,” the fiery miko giggles nervously.
“No problem there.  Want some of my smoothie, by the way?  It’s good when you’re working out – protein and nutrients, you know,” the cowgirl fairy assures as she hands out her smoothie.
“Sure, why not?” Nao smiles amusedly as she accepts the offer, taking a few sips while Sirenitia does a few cooling-down techniques to pass the time.
Five minutes later, the fueling fairies are standing a good distance apart from each other and bow down as before.
“Since my previous hit sent ya flying into an early fake grave, I’ll let you pull off an equally mean kisser on me now.  Go ahead, sugah,” Sirenitia announces in a generous manner.
“If you insist,” Nao replies casually as she cracks her knees and ankles – foreshadowing, anyone?
With that, the miko fairy charges with the speed of a freight train and pulls off a mighty roundhouse kick of the Tae Kwan Do variety.  This sends Sirenitia for a loop and falling head-down into the sand – with only her feet showing visibly.
The fiery miko yelps in fright as she quickly pulls out her cowgirl counterpart out and shakes all the sand off her as if Sirenitia’s a beach towel.
“Are you all right, Sirenitia-sama?” Nao asks concernedly as she brushes her cowgirl counterpart’s hair to get more sand clumps out.
“Never better, sugah.  You’re more of a challenge than I expected,” the fiery cowgirl replies pleasantly as she curls a lock of her still-golden blonde hair.
“Okay, I’m done now.  Let’s exchange more fists, shall we?” Nao smiles amusedly as she throws the comb she was using aside.
“Yeppers,” Sirenitia answers excitedly as she turns face to do exactly just like that.
Both feuding fairies do yet another flying frenzy of lightning-fast jabs and palms.  Another three minutes have passed since – when Nao starts groaning in boredom and casually thrusts right at Sirenitia’s stomach for another pressure point attack.
The fiery cowgirl squees in agonizing pain as she covers her sensitive belly, leaving her vulnerable yet again.  Her miko opponent shifts back to Lui He Ba Fa mode and wastes no time in laying down a long series of hand thrusts and open palm jabs in a super fast combo straight out of a certain shonen anime and manga from the eighties.  
A montage of this furious assault is being made in slow-motion for the sake of detail . . .
1) Nao slapping Sirenitia hard with her hands as they wave and curve alternately like a dragon.
2) Nao coils her left fist hard as it rises upward and extends her right fist hand as if she’s a dragon going on the offense.
3) Nao claps her arms together and extends them as if they’re a straight sword, which she uses to quickly swath Sirenitia back and forth relentlessly.
4) Nao swipes down and swings her right foot around in a full 180 degree circle, sending Sirenitia – you guessed it! – eating more sand from the beach buffet.
5) Nao throwing Sirenitia upwards with both hands and smacks her with all twelve division palm attacks – dragon, phoenix, tiger, crane, leopard, ape, bar, goose, snake, hawk, roc, and finally kulin – each with a different illustrated sound effect like ‘POW!’, ‘SMACK!’, and ‘THRUST!’
After this torrential water boxing assault, Sirenitia hits the sand – AGAIN – before getting back up casually, much to Nao’s surprise.
“That was a visually impressive combo – even though it stings like a mosquito,” the cowgirl fairy smiles amusedly as she brushes the sand off herself.
Just before the fiery miko can snap out of her stunned stupor, her cowgirl counterpart starts kicking the heck out of her with a vicious kicking combo – a downward roundhouse kick at the knees, a reverse roundhouse kick at the midsection – and for the coup d’feat – a jump kick at the face followed by an axe heel kick on the head dome.  This not only sends Nao reeling and seeing stars, but hammered into the sand like a nail into thick wood.
Shivering like heck as if stranded in Antarctica, the fiery miko slowly gets herself out and whips her ponytail like an actual whip to get the sand out.
“Ugh . . . seems like Lui He Ba Fa isn’t working on a muscular gal like you at all,” Nao meekly says as she clenches her teeth and crosses her arms.
“Let me see more of your Tae Know Do skillz, hun.  That’s really the stuff I was hoping for,” Sirenitia insists annoyingly.  “But first . . .”
The fiery cowgirl whistles out loud just as Misty zips over suddenly and nods affirmatively on-command.  She then watches as the cheerful Ghostfae flies over to her bonded humanoid and casually showers her with a sparkling pink glitter storm with glowing red hearts just like that.
“Oh my . . . this feels good . . . my strength is coming back as well . . .” Nao says amazedly as she’s healed back to tip-top health in five seconds flat.  “Thank you, Misty.”
The Ghostfae giggles pleasantly before embracing her sworn sister on the spot.  She then gives Nao a big thumbs-up and an encouraging smile before zipping out of the battle scene like a certain blue hedgehog.
“Shall we continue now?” Sirenitia casually asks as she cracks her big knuckles.
“But what about you, Sirenitia-sama?  Surely you’re hurt after all of that pummeling,” an concerned Nao replies as she walks over.
“Aw, come on.  I told ya already, I’m just warming up!  Let’s rock ‘n’ roll already!” the fiery cowgirl insists while jumping up and down cheerfully.  
“If you insist – but let’s mix it up with knee and foot attacks from here on out, please,” the fiery miko insists sincerely.
“You’re reading my mind, sugah.  Let’s do this!” Sirenitia says as she pulls out a slapping knee-thrust – a Muay Thai kick attack.
Nao counters the incoming foot jab with a Tae Know Do low block, which connects successfully – despite her clinging painfully due to her cowgirl opponent’s thick, bulky knees.
“Are you sure your feet are THAT muscular?!” Nao exclaims aguishly as she clenches her teeth.
“Of course.  I’m surprised it didn’t shatter yours instantly on contact . . . UNLESS you’re wearing protective footwear.  That’s the only excuse I can come up with,” Sirenitia replies curiously.
“I must confess . . . my boots have steel plating within to protect my legs,” the fiery miko confesses in an apologetic tone.
“It’s all right, hun.  You’ll need all the protection when going up against a muscle-bound cowgirl like myself.  Less talk, more fight now, okay?”  Sirenitia smiles assuredly.
“Very well . . . take THIS!” Nao cries out excitedly as she pulls off a side kick right at Sirenitia, who casually shifts her head aside for an easy evade . . .
. . . Only to get smacked hard as the kick rebounds out of nowhere.  A reverse side kick, this was.
The miko fairy chuckles amusedly at this . . . only to get her kicking feet smashed by a flying knee from her cowgirl counterpart.  As she screams out in pain, Sirenitia floors her on the spot with a well-placed knee bomb.
Nao curses silently for her pride and gives her cowgirl opponent a surprise crescent kick at the knees.  As Sirenitia yelps in pain over this, her miko opponent flips upward and shifts herself in mid-air to spin around with her right foot extended.  You know what she’s about to do, right?
Sirenitia is pushed back as she’s pummeled relentlessly by Nao’s Tornado Kick before hitting the sand yet again.
Upon getting back up and brushing the wet sand off, the now-peeved cowgirl fairy screams like a hungry lion as she rushes over to her miko opponent with feet literally set a-blazin’ with scorching white flames.  
Nao jumps upwards in response as her feet also follow suit and delivers a flaming jump kick without hesitation . .  . only for Sirenitia to block with a vertical kick.  This causes a faint shockwave of red, yellow, and white flames to spread throughout the battle scene.
Naturally this doesn’t stop there, as several more fiery shockwaves occur at a rhythmic beat as the feuding fairies continue duking it out, flaming kick with flaming kick non-stop.

Seraphina and Misty are still speculating the ongoing battle while scarfing down nachos with salsa-enhanced dipping cheese.  They quickly put on sunglasses as they watch the gorgeous flame spectacle brightening the sky like flower-shaped fireworks during an Independence Day lightshow.
Just then, Maria and Gwenevere show up at the scene with Aaron and Hania at their sides.  Upon seeing these new spectators to her left, Seraphina whips out four more pairs of sunglasses for them to wear.
“I take those fiery bruisers are at it still?” the android fairy smirks amusedly as she dons a pair herself.
“I know Nao-sama is all right.  I mean, your own fire fairy friend have some REALLY mean muscles on her.  Can you say ‘Don’t bite off more than you chew’?” the semi-angel lady mumbles nervously as she follows suit.
“Knowing these Keepers of the Goddess Flame from what I’ve seen and heard, they’re quite the most brave and persistent fighters.  Let’s give our fighting fairy friends another half-hour – if none of them triumphs, then too bad.  We must end it before someone gets badly hurt,” Maria points out in annoyance as she sits down next to the ‘Fae sisters.  “Mind if we join in the speculating?”
Seraphina and Misty shake their hands assuredly as they continue watching with their eyes glued on the fiery duel as if it’s a television.
“They’re hooked, no doubt,” Gwenevere chuckles amusedly as she joins in with everyone else.
Meanwhile, Nao and Sirenitia are panting profusely with sweat sprinklers flying from their heads.  Seeing that her cowgirl opponent is on the ropes, the fiery miko gathers as much of her remaining strength before charging over with a roundhouse kick at Sirenitia’s side.
Just as this connects, Nao jumps upwards with a back spinning hook kick at her cowgirl counterpart’s face.  Another successful attack in, she then readies another roundhouse kick in mid-air to complete a Triple Aero Kick combo . . .
. . . When suddenly Sirenitia grabs her miko opponent’s foot just before it hits and slams down with a shoulder throw.
“All this kicking is too much even for me.  Let’s see how much of a thrower you are, hun,” the cowgirl fairy pants annoyingly.
“Very well . . . since you’re going with Judo from here on out, I’ll use my Tae Kwon Do throws – just promise you don’t tell anyone about these,” Nao replies as she gets back up and whips her ponytail free of wet sand.
“Uh, if you didn’t know already, we’re drawing an audience back there.  See?” Sirenitia points out casually as she points over to the newly-expanded spectator crowd.
“Oh . . .” the fiery miko giggles nervously as she looks over as well.  “DON’T TELL ANYONE OF WHAT YOU’VE JUST SEEN, OKAY?!?”
In response, every single member in the audience raises a hand while nodding assuredly.
“Okay then, let’s resume,” a relieved Nao smiles as she shifts back to Tae Kwon Do mode.
Just then, Sirenitia whips her ponytail around Nao’s left foot and yanks her over into her clutches, where the cowgirl fairy scoops her miko counterpart up and throws her away.
Upon eating more of those oh-so-delicious wet sand, Nao gets back up and spins around on one foot, just before doing another Tornado Kick toward Sirenitia’s way.
“Hun, I thought we agreed with no kicks –“ the cowgirl fairy groans annoyingly while crossing her arms – just before her miko opponent suddenly stops in mid-air.  HUH?!”
Just like that, Nao grabs Sirenitia by the hip and throws her away.  She lands gratefully like a ballerina and giggles slyly.
After experiencing déjà vu with the wet sand – with her hair and complexion getting worse with each ‘meal’ – the fiery cowgirl gets up while growling angrily.  She then smiles slyly as she then jumps forward with a kick ready – only to shift her body downwards to grab her miko opponent by the waist and drives her into the sand with a floating drop.  Yet this maneuver leads to Sirenitia being buried deep as well in a ‘taking you down with me’ fashion.
“Groan . . . that wasn’t a good idea . . .” the fiery cowgirl herself grumbles nervously as she and her dueling opponent get themselves out of their entombed situation.
“Let me thank you for getting us in that sandy disposition,” an annoyed Nao grumbles as she suddenly grabs Sirenitia by the left outer wrist and throws her back in the sand.
“Well then, here’s my gift of gratitude,” the cowgirl fairy grumbles back as she grabs her miko counterpart by her pearl waistbelt and drops her hard into the sand yet again.
“Fine – you want it rough, then I’ll be more than happy to oblige.  THE KID GLOVES ARE OFF NOW!!!” Nao mutters angrily as she grabs Sirenitia’s feet and performs a numgigi (throwing down) throw to share her sandy fate.
With that, the feuding fairies start to throw each other around like they’re both garbage collectors AND garbage bags.  Naturally, they resort to whipping their ponytails at each other to stay in the game in several insane but uniquely awesome attempts at a throw combo.
This goes on for five minutes in such a supersonic blur that the audience nearby can only see several golden blonde and golden brown streaks going around in non-stop circles.
“Geez, they are SO alike,” Maria groans as she facepalms herself.
“They ARE fire fairies after all, Maria-sama,” Gwenevere replies while shrugging her shoulders.
The ‘Fae sisters chuckle amusedly at this while their animal companions roll their eyes in annoyance.
Meanwhile, both feuding fairies are on their knees vomiting after that dizzying throw-a-thon.
“Ugh . . . you really are a master of throwing, Sirenitia-sama,” Nao giggles amusedly.
“You’re no different, Nao honey.  I think it’s time to give our limbs a rest, if you know what I mean,” Sirenitia herself complements with a wink.
“If you’re talking about phase two of our battle, then so be it.  It appears we are equal in our martial arts skills, so . . .” the fiery miko says as she gets up in a slow, dramatic fashion – and whips out her twin shinai from her obi.
“Weapon time, eh?  I’ve been training with these wicked babies during my time in Serenina as well,” Sirenitia smiles amusedly as she whips out two butterfly swords from her pockets, using her thumbs to flick their steel mini-sheaths off.
Nao sweatdrops nervously as she takes a quick look at her shinai – both being made of bamboo, of course.
“No problem, I have an idea,” Sirenitia smiles assuredly as she whispers out loud.
“You rang?” an annoyed Maria grumbles as she flies over to her cowgirl sworn sister, her grumpy tone sounding like a certain haunted butler.
“Nao needs help with her swords because you know what my knives can do with wood,” Sirenitia points out as she points over to the twin shinai themselves.
“I know that already, no need to ask,” Maria replies casually as she flies over to Nao and holds her hands out.
The miko fairy nods understandably with a smile and gives her wooden swords to the steel fairy, knowing full well what she intends to do.
With that, Maria closes her eyes and meditates in a calm but stern manner as her hands start surging with silver electrical sparks, which course throughout the dual shinai until they glow silvery white with neon green sparks flying forth.
A couple of minutes later, the electrical lightshow ceases in a surging shockwave of neon green, yellow, and white sparks.  Nao shields her eyes from the bright light and opens them up in time to smile gleefully at the sight before her.
Both shinai swords are now 100% stainless steel with the plastic lining now pure diamond.  The miko fairy carefully picks up these enhanced kendo blades and nods in approval.  “Thank you,” she finally says.
“You’re quite welcome, Nao-sama.  Have fun, you two,” Maria smiles amusedly as she zips out of the battle scene.
“Shall we begin now?” Sirenitia asks pleasantly as she twirls her butterfly swords in rapid 180 degree circles.
Nao nods affirmatively with a smirk as she swings her new steel shinai in the same position of her hands in Lui He Ba Fa mode.
With that, both feuding fairies charge at each other like a raging inferno while screaming like roaring lionesses fighting for dominance.
Sirenitia starts off by spinning her mini-swords in a furious wide circle, which Nao easily blocks by holding her large shinai out in front.  Sparks fly as the swords clash violently with the force of two wrecking balls smashing together in an explosive fury.
Once the cold, steel blades are clashing with each other – and Sirenitia is solely focused with them – Nao uses her smaller shinai to knock the butterfly out of her right hand.
“Nice try, but you forgot one important matter,” the cowgirl fairy smiles slyly before whipping her ponytail over to the flying butterfly, snagging it by the handle and bringing it back into her free hand.
“I didn’t.  Surprise!” Nao smirks amusedly as she swings both her shinai to knock both Sirenitia's knives off.
As the fiery miko points her large steel sword at her cowgirl opponent’s neck, she then notices the flying butterflies suddenly going up in flames, turning into ashes in seconds flat.
“GOTCHA!” Sirenitia chuckles as she pulls her real knives out of her pockets and knocks the shinais’ tip away.
Nao attempts to disarm her cowgirl opponent again with a double swipe of her kendo blades, only for Sirenitia to deflect this with an X-shaped block.  
The miko fairy growls annoyingly as she starts fending off several impressive blows from her cowgirl opponent’s butterfly swords – a full 180 degree circle, a downward double stab, a horizontal spinning slash, a low sweep aimed at her feet, and an aerial sweep at her face.
“Enough . . . IS ENOUGH!!!” Nao barks furiously as she swats both mini-swords out of Sirenitia’s hands again.
With that, the fiery miko whacks her cowgirl counterpart on the head to incapacitate her and then softly poke her in the neck to push her aside.  
“This ends now!” Nao exclaims triumphantly as she finally pokes both shinai at Sirenitia’s stomach.
This dual thrust is what finally sends the dazed cowgirl fairy down to the sand – for the last time in a technical knock-out fashion.
The miko fairy smiles triumphantly for a few moments . . . but upon looking down at her steel shinai, she frowns in a mixture of annoyance and anti-climatic dissatisfaction.
“Some weapon duel this is,” Nao grumbles as she tosses her kendo blades aside and walks over to help Sirenitia up.  “Consider this a draw, okay?”
“But . . . why?” the fiery cowgirl asks sheepishly as she gradually regains consciousness.
“Several reasons . . . first, Kendo is a non-fatal defensive weapon style.  Second, your butterfly knives are too fast and unpredictable for a fair fight.  And third, well, it’s just not as interesting and varied as old school martial arts,” the fiery miko explains logically.  “Your knife handling is cool nonetheless, both technical and visual-wise.”
“Thanks sugah cube.  Your sword handling ain’t too bad either despite its limited usage just now,” Sirenitia smiles pleasantly as she extends her hand for obvious reasons.
“Thank you, Sirenitia-sama,” Nao smiles back as she shakes hands with her cowgirl counterpart.  “Now about we proceed with phase three of our duel?”
“You mean magic?  Oh yeah, time to being on the burn!” Sirenitia exclaims excitedly as her eyes are burning with the metaphorical fire of determination.
“Everyone in the audience, be warned – if you can’t take the incoming heat, get out of the arena now,” the miko fairy calls out to the spectator crowd itself – who simply chuckles in amusement.
“Nice joke there, Nao.  Now let’s cause quite an inferno, y’know?” Sirenitia smiles amusedly as she cracks her knuckles as they’re suddenly engulfed in fire.
“But of course . . . but first I have to balance this out, considering your superior fire magic.  Give me a minute or two, please,” the fiery miko insists calmly as she walks a good ten feet away for reasons only she herself knows.
Harmonia Profile 2: Nao vs. Sirenitia Part 1
Basically, this is a story of a battle between my fire fairy OC Sirenitia and :icondbcdude01: 's fire fairy OC Nao.  Hope you like this story :)
DKS - Sakura and Midori vs. a Ninja Oni by Clipperwhiz1
DKS - Sakura and Midori vs. a Ninja Oni
Exactly what it says on the tin.  The second of two pictures for :icondbcdude01: as part of our new art trade, I should add.  Hope you all like this picture :)


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Since I have access to a laptop for the time being, I can post stuff on DA again! :)  So to celebrate this occasion, I'm doing a contest for the summer.  It starts now and ends on the first day of August. It's simple really: design a fairy with fire magic and a fitting dress/outfit.  Here are the rules:

1.  The fairies must be adults in the 20-30 year range!  NO CHILDREN to avoid Loilicon situations!


3. The pictures must be full-figure.

4.  The fairy's hair can be blonde, brown (of any shade), red (normal red or literal red).fi

5.  You can design the wings to be fiery too.  BE CREATIVE!

6.  Boots or shoes must be black or dark brown.

7.  The dress/outfit must include fiery colors - red, yellow and orange of any shade.  Gold is also required.

8. No showing legs or cleavage, either.  Short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts are allowed, though.

Here are some tutorial pictures that will give you a picture of what I'm talking about:……………


:icondbcdude01: -…


:iconmrpr1993: -

:iconoakheart12: -…


Send me a comment on this journal if you want to participate. Thanks and good luck!
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