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Saffron, the Hybrid Kunoichi by Clipperwhiz1
Saffron, the Hybrid Kunoichi
Hybrid as in both a Maori Warrior from the Pacific Islands and a kunoichi from Japan - well their equivalents on Avalonia.  This is one of :icondbcdude01: 's OCs for Harmonia Profile II, though I did a little retooling if he doesn't mind.  Hope you all like this :)
Mermaid Life-is-the-Bubbles 2006 version 2.0 by Clipperwhiz1
Mermaid Life-is-the-Bubbles 2006 version 2.0
Here's a picture for :iconlife-is-the-bubbles: of herself as a mermaid as the way I drew her back in 2006 - and yes, that's a pink pearl she's holding in her hands :)  We haven't talked with each other for many years, but we've become friends again.  I'm sorry for all the trouble I've put her through the years.  We weren't meant to be - and she's found someone else in her life - but at least we can still be just friends.  Hope you all like this.
Life-is-the-Bubbles Contest Entry by Clipperwhiz1
Life-is-the-Bubbles Contest Entry
Here's my entry for :iconlife-is-the-bubbles: 's contest featuring her OC swimming in the ocean with dolphins (from Super Mario World) and the water fairy friend I made for her.  Her name is Cordelia and she grants magic powers to the OC (including a mermaid transformation) in exchange for helping find treasures.  Hope you all like this :)

Later in the dark alleys of the campus, a sleek navy blue sportscar – similar to Cerulean Comet 2 back in ’85 – is cruising casually through the empty night streets.  Even though the heatwave caused by that Tenkoni from earlier has long been gone, the student community is apparently playing it safe.  On the top of Cerulean Comet 2 is Danica holding onto a mounted laser ray gun straight from sci-fi movie serials of the 50’s.  Right next to her is Orpheus, who surveys the current surroundings around him with his eyes glowing green.
Transitioning to the raven’s POV, we can see the current area in neon green night vision.  Just then, a male humanoid figure in black knight armor and giant black bat wings on his back flies out from the nearest alley and zooms right at Cerulean Comet 2.
Back in our third-person perspective, we see the half-demon man in an arm lock with Orpheus, both perspiring in sweat as they try to outgrip each other.  Danica rolls her eyes in annoyance just before aiming the mounted gun at the new demon.
The bat-winged man is so focused with his arm wrestle that he doesn’t see the neon blue laser blast charging up before him – and then blasting him away toward a pile of garbage cans.  More specifically, he lands onto one of the cans with a lid flying upwards before landing on top like a basketball going through a hoop for the team.  
“Thanks, my lovely iris!” Orpheus exclaims in a tone of gratefulness and flirtation, while the atoning Duskfae giggles amusingly.
Just then, Cerulean Comet 2 screeches to a grinding halt just before opening up its dual front doors just like that.  Turns out Saffron and Lunamaria were behind the wheel all this time.  They fly over to the nocturnal duo’s side – the golden kunoichi with her Sunflower Petal Wings activated, and the musical witch surfing on a glowing green Fender Stratocaster guitar.
“Did you guys see that demon?!” a surprised Lunamaria asks.
“Yes, it was a Taoienshi – an angel who fell from grace to join the Devil’s army of darkness,” Orpheus confirms via telepathy.
“They come out only at night, it seems.  No matter, let’s get him before someone gets hurt in his line of fire!” Saffron insists concernedly.
Suddenly, the nearby garbage can pile explodes in a surging red blast of electricity, incinerating all trash in the surrounding radius.  Once it dissipates seconds later, the Taoienshi hovers down to the ground just like that.  Dramatic entrance, these demons like.
“How dare you interfere with our invasion, you old hags!  Leave now, or I shall incinerate you next!” the fallen angel barks in a Voice of the Legion tone.
“OLD . . . HAGS?!?” Lunamaria shrieks furiously as her face turns glowing red in anger with her right eye twitching like crazy.  “I’LL SEND YOU BACK TO HADES FOR THAT REMARK!!!”
With that, the steaming mad musical witch zooms over to her demonic offender as another glowing green Stratocaster forms in her right hand with neon white sparks flying out.
“Uh, should we help her, ladies?” Orpheus asks as he and his fellow HTV employees watch on.
“Never underestimate a witch on fire – metaphorical or literal, it doesn’t matter,” Saffron smiles amusedly.  “Watch and behold.”
Sure enough, Lunamaria is already in a heated battle against the Taoienshi in a sword clash – with her new guitar against his glowing red trident.  She starts off by bashing her demonic opponent’s left shin, which sends him screaming in blood-curling agony.  In raging retaliation, the Taoienshi thrusts his three-pronged staff into his musical opponent’s left foot, sending a splash of blood flying out as a result.
Lunamaria screeches out in agony this time – and in a seemingly reflexing action, kicks her stabbed foot right at the demon’s light cheek.  Naturally, the fallen angel coughs out a spray of his black blood along with a couple of forcefully extracted teeth.
The musical magician throws her green guitar right at the Taoienshi’s face, sending him hitting the pavement with a giant splash of his blood.
“On your feet, traitorous angel!  GET UP!” Lunamaria screeches angrily before stomping her intact right foot in a fast, impatient fashion.
Be careful what you wish for, Luna – for a blast of swirling black flame suddenly zooms right at her from out of the blue.  She shrieks hysterically with her hair spiking up Bride-of-Frankenstein style before running up screaming.  Back to the Taoienshi, he’s still grounded while raising his left arm to his trident at his musical opponent, still fueling the fiery onslaught at her.
Little does this demon know that Lunamaria is heading over to him from behind – and stops to a screeching halt upon reaching his bloody face.  She then leaps upward like a rocket . . . just as the roaring black inferno comes bearing down on its conjuror, much to his wide-eyed horror.  In an instant, he gets burned to a crisp while engulfed in the blazing flames.
Once the unholy fire finally subsides seconds later, the Taoienshi slowly stands up while jiggling from all that burning he’s endured.  His skin is now all charred black – and slowly falling off his body like ashes.
For the finishing blow, Lunamaria raises her right hand as it glows a surging neon green with neon pink musical notes.  A Ludwig Vistalite drum kit in a neon blue and green tie-dye design appears in its wake, with the musical witch quickly sitting on the stool and grabbing the drumsticks before her.
“Time to shake this traitor up – LITERALLY!” Lunamaria shrieks triumphantly while clapping her drumsticks up in the air.
With that, the musical magician starts drumming away like a raving maniac.  The resulting speed-metal earache leads to a neon shockwave of pink, green, and blue lightning bolts with glowing yellow stars in-between.  It wastes no time in “flowing” over to the slowly-decaying Taoienshi, literally shaking him up into a storm of black ash upon the slightest contact.  Yep, his own attack burned him good.
Once the unholy ashes vanish into the night wind, Lunamaria breathes out in relief as she throws the drumsticks aside and get up from the stool.  She then gives her allies a proud smile and peace hand-sign.  
The others clap their hands in amused applause – when suddenly another Taoienshi appears right behind them from the shadows of the dark alley.  He summons forth a red trident of his own and raises it up above Saffron . . .
. . . When suddenly, the new fallen angel is stabbed by what appears to be a giant flower seed.  He gasps in shock when the seed bursts apart to reveal an ever-growing series of vine that rapidly grow and twirl all over his body.
Once the Taoienshi is completely covered in this wide-spreading flora assault, his head bursts apart in a fountain of black blood and shredded vines – with a giant sunflower growing from his neck with a warm yellow light and sparkles.  Once it completely blossoms up with its beautiful sunny yellow petals, a shiny pearl is revealed on its seed-rich bud.
The trio turns around just in time to see this sunny sight before them – with Danica and Orpheus gasping in surprise, while Saffron simply smiles in amusement.
“This is my Leech Seed attack.  Hidden in my hair are several sunflower seeds that latch on any demons and feed on their essence to produce a shiny white pearl – one that’s part of Danica’s secret experiment, am I right?” the golden kunoichi asks, with the Duskfae princess nodding cheerfully.
With that, Danica grabs the shiny pearl from the sunflower and pockets it in her pants pocket.  Just like that, the entire ‘planted’ demon disintegrates into another ash storm that gets carried into the night wind.
“How many more pearls do we need to collect before beginning this experiment of yours, by the way?” Orpheus asks curiously, with Danica air-writing ‘21’ with her crystal wand.  “Then knowing these Taoienshi, there are more on the prowl.  Let’s ride, people!”
The others waste no time in doing just that and zooms off from the scene in Cerulean Comet 2.
It isn’t long before the new security team does find more of the fallen angels – this time flying in the air in a sky-covering swarm like those confounding crop-eating locusts.  Saffron gets out of the sportscar and heads up to the swarm with both her dart gun and tekko-kagi ready, with Danica flying by her side to help out.
Upon reaching the fallen angel army, the golden kunoichi wastes no time in swatting the ones heading her way like flies.  The ripped-apart Taoienshi fall down by the minute with their bloody remains disintegrating in a shower of ash and blood.  Danica squeals in panic as she motions Saffron to activate her Leech Seed on these corpses immediately.
“I know, I KNOW!” the hybrid kunoichi exclaims in a mix of annoyance and panic as she swirls her hair in a cyclone – with several sunflower seeds flying out from it.  
An accompanying shower of these sparkling yellow seeds hit the pavement as some of them are successful in latching onto the dead demons before they disintegrate completely.  Back up in the unfriendly skies, Saffron unleashes throw after throw Judo-style in a blinding blur to send more of those pesky demons crashing into the ground.  Of course, she does the hair-whipping/seed-summoning routine afterwards to make sure they won’t escape – and the obvious, too.
The golden kunoichi sees another Taoienshi heading her way and whips out several vines from her fingertips at him, tying the fallen angel up just like that.  Seeing this as a chance to get some action herself, Danica flies over and sics her own shadow onto the hapless fallen fool.  The Duskfae’s shadow takes the form of a fearsome dragon with red piercing eyes just before lunging down to bite the Taoienshi’s head off in a glorious blood fountain.
“Many thanks, Your Highness!” Saffron says as she throws a Leech Seed right into the dead devil’s neck like a basketball player making a winning loop.
Just then, several Taoienshi zero in on the unknowing Danica for a surprise pounce – only to get several darts shot right into their eyes from out of the blue.  They cry out in agony while clutching their bloodied eyes, which surprises the Duskfae princess just in time.  She smiles amusedly as she magically summons chakrams shaped like silver stars in her hands and decapitates ‘em all like a hedge that needs trimming.
Once she’s done with that, Danica sees yet more fallen angels heading her way like eagles zeroing in on their prey.  Groaning in annoyance – since the bad guys always like to go for the smallest heroine first – she simply zips upward and fires both lightning bolts from her antennae to fry her stalkers into more black ash in seconds.
“Easy with the voltage, Your Highness!  We need their bodies intact for further pearl extraction,” Saffron insists concernedly as she shoots more fallen angels in the forehead with a dart gun – the very source of those darts from earlier, obviously.
Danica shrugs her shoulders with a nervous giggle as her way of saying ‘Sorry, I forgot.’  Just then, she hears a strong wind current coming in from behind.  She groans angrily just before spreading her ponytail into several spider-web strands – which captures several Taoienshi in their sticky clutches like flies trapped in an actual spider-web.  It’s the hair spray, man.
Saffron smiles amusedly as she jabs several sunflower seeds into her dart gun before lock ‘n’ loading.  She then fires the resultant seed-tipped arrows right into the Taoienshi’s mouths and watch as their leeching vines do their work just like earlier.  The fallen angels share the same bloody fates as the Leech Seed’s first victim just before falling down to the pavement with their shiny prizes alongside them.
Danica yelps in fright as she zooms down to collect the precious pearls – only to see Orpheus already holding them in his arms while still riding on CC2’s mounted gun.  He waves at his Duskfae mistress with an assuring smile, with her smiling and waving back in thanks.  With that, Danica flies back upwards to the bloodied skies while her raven boyfriend takes hold of the gun and aims at the incoming fallen angels via its sniper scope attachment.
Just as Danica returns to Saffron’s side, the golden kunoichi has already decapitated three more fallen angels by throwing a storm of sunflower petals that are sharp as shuriken.  Just as several more Taoienshi approach the twilight duo from behind for a sneak attack, their heads suddenly get blown into a shower of bloody chunks from neon blue lasers from below.  The firing sound they produce surprise Danica and Saffron as they look around and see the mysterious lasers flying off into the night sky.  They smile and then look down at Orpheus while waving thanks – which the psychic raven himself waves back with a peace hand-sign.
With that, the golden kunoichi does her hair-whipping routine yet again while her bonded Duskfae ward off the remaining Taoienshi with her dragon shadow until she’s done.  “All right, I’m ready now.  Time to send these traitors packing once and for all,” Saffron insists amusedly.
Danica nods with a smile as she and her bonded kunoichi join hands and go into a meditative stance together.  Seconds later, their wings start glowing in neon purple and yellow together – just before their eyes glow in the same colors and they wake up from their meditation.  With that, they unleash a storm of green thorny vines of purple roses and sunflowers right at the swarmers, whom get stuck and pierced in its sharpy, thorny clutches just like that.
Once every single remaining Taoienshi is trapped in this combined attack, the vine swarm crushes its prey into a paste-like mush with several blood bursts and grinded bones flying out.  Saffron does one more seed-summoning hair whip on the bloody mess before she and Danica fly back down to the campus grounds.
By the time the twilight duo reunites with their allies aboard Cerulean Comet 2, Orpheus and Lunamaria are already at work scavenging the mountain of black ash for any more pearls from within.  Danica rolls her eyes in annoyance before taking a deep breath and blows the ash into the night sky – revealing the remaining pearls behind in their sparkling white radiance.
The psychic raven and the musical magician look at each other with annoyed expressions as if saying, “Why did we even bother with all that digging?”, much to the twilight duo’s snickering amusement.
“Very funny.  Well, we’ve recovered MUCH more than you needed for the experiment, Danica.  What should we do with the rest?” Lunamaria asks while rolling her eyes.
I’ll do another experiment on Yukiko, too.  Don’t worry, it won’t be anything bad, I swear, the Duskfae princess glitter-assures with a smile.  Let’s find her first, then we can commence.
“Hmm . . . I think I know what you’re planning.  But I won’t spoil it for the readers out there,” Saffron says while winking at them.  “Let’s do this.”
With that, everyone gets back on/in Cerulean Comet 2 and hightails it out of the area in a giant puff of neon blue smoke and yellow sparkles.
Harmonia Profile II Chapter 27
I know, you may be wondering . . . CHAPTER 27 ALREADY!?!?!  Don't worry, I have an outline on how the novel should go, plus I have a lot of old chapters from the original Harmonia Profile trilogy I'm going to alter into chapters for this new story.  Once all 52 chapters of the new novel are done, I'll arrange them into their chronological order.  Hope you like this in the meantime and look out for more chapters in this random chaos :)

Eventually at the Cooling Time set itself – which turns out to be the North Pole duplicate set from earlier – the Rainbow Rockers are sitting at the guest sofas just minding their own business.
“Talk shows ain’t my thing,” Matthew groans as he twirls a drumstick on his nose.
“To tell you the truth, I agree with you,” Kailin replies nervously as she performs a casual song on an electronic keyboard.
“I just hope the production team doesn’t overwork themselves again.  This is NOT a good first impression for a budding television outlet for music lovers,” Ursula adds in while combing her hair.  “And I don’t want to hear anything about those annoying rumors about me and Matthew bring together and the likes.”
“Arrgh, everyone around here knows that Matty and I are meant to be,” Kailin insists as she brings her vampiric husband close in her loving arms.
At that moment, Blossom suddenly drops down on the couch in between her bandmates.  
“Yipes!  Be careful with your entrances, Blossom,” a startled Ursula insists before hugging her sworn sista.  
“Just don’t shed all over us ‘til after the interview, okay?” Matthew points out teasingly, referring to his former captor’s Rapunzel hair.
An annoyed Blossom rolls her eyes as she puts her ponytail back behind the couch.
Just then, Lunamaria makes the scene and walks over to her desk – only to face-first on the floor halfway like an anvil.  She quickly gets up and scratches her head nervously with sweat showers flying from her head.  “I’m okay, I’m okay!” she insists while sitting down.  “I’m just excited to finally meet one of my favorite rock bands in person, that’s all.”
“The feeling is mutual,” Matthew replies while rolling his eyes.  “No pressure, ma’am.”
Nearby from out of nowhere, Diddy and Orpheus appear before the set and set up the camera equipment within seconds.  Afterwards, the now-ready duo gives double thumbs-up to their moon-haired leader, who nods affirmatively as she then gets out a sheet of paper – from a TWENTY-foot tall tower of ‘em, much to the guest quartet’s sweat-dropping dismay.  This will take a while, for sure.
“Good evening, music lovers!  Welcome to Cooling Time, the literal cooling-down segment of Harmonia Music Television!  For our first-ever broadcast – in progress, of course – we have Ursula, Princess Blossom of Rilavida, Kailin, and Matthew of the first iteration of the Rainbow Rockers!  The original lineup itself before all of the constant cast member change-ups!  Without further ado, give them a big hand, everyone!” Lunamaria announces cheerfully.
As if on cue, a roaring applause is heard much to everyone’s confusion.  They look ahead to see both Diddy and Orpheus holding a boom-box that’s playing a cassette tape of non-stop cheering.  An annoyed Lunamaria motions her teammates silently to turn it off, which they do while chuckling nervously.
“Thank you.  Now then, here’s my first question for y’all,” the musical magician says pleasantly as she then looks at her first paper.  “How did the four of you meet?”
“Who are you talking to regarding that question?  Basically, it’s Blossom who brought us together.  As the start of the Fall 1985 semester, I met her when I got caught in that outrageously prehensile hair of hers.  She untangled me out and then helped with that infamous dough flood over at Home Economics,” Ursula explains briefly, with Matthew and Kailin nodding in agreement.
“Okay . . .” Lunamaria says amusedly as she gets out another paper from the pile.  “Blossom-sama and Kailin-sama, how did you manage to stop the ‘Veggie Vampire Vermin’ from his infamous decade-long vegetable raiding of the cafeteria?”
An annoyed Matthew does a gun hand motion to his head, uttering ‘BANG’ on the spot.  With that, he then pulls down a curtain from above labeled the following . . .
Hey, I’m just doing what he’s telling me to do now – so I’ll comply just this once.
Exactly at the time the hapless vampire requested, Lunamaria takes out the very last paper of her pile to get her final question out to the open.  “All right, we’re at the end of this extended episode.  Just one last question for you Rainbow Rocker golden oldies – what do you think of your experiences in your very first year together here in Harmonia?” she asks pleasantly.
“Well, besides the aforementioned rough beginnings and all, I actually enjoyed it to the point of it being the best year of my life,” Matthew replies in an awkward admittance before cracking a smile.
“Me too,” Kailin agrees happily as she embraces her immortal hubbie and shares a passionate French kiss on the spot.
As this point, several “Oooooooooo”s and “Daaawwwww”s are heard from out of nowhere.  Everyone looks back to the camera team – who has just turn their boom-box back on, this time with a tape of the aforementioned audience reactions.
Upon seeing the on-camera musicians sending angry glares to them, the nocturnal camera duo turns their boom-box off without hesitation.  “Just though it would be groovy for a romantic scene like that,” Diddy points out amusedly.
“I thought so,” Kailin agrees cheerfully while still holding a now-conscious Matthew in her arms.  Love-struck, he is.
“Well, uh . . . I guess that’s it for our debut episode of Cooling Time!  From all of us here at HTV and Harmonia Musical Institute, I’m Lunamaria Harper and I thank you for being with us,” Lunamaria announces triumphantly before waving good-bye.
As expected, more ravenous audience applause is heard from the obvious source to bring this episode to a fitting end.  “I’ll let that go this time,” the magical director says while shrugging her shoulders.
“That’s a wrap, dudes and dudettes.  Groovy performance and show overall,” Diddy announces with a thumbs-up as Orpheus turn off the camera equipment.
“About time, my butt is getting sore from sitting through this three-hour yak-fest,” a relieved Matthew says as he gets up from the couch – only to cringe discreetly and collapse to the floor in just two still movement frames.
“Not to mention a stiff back?” Kailin chuckles amusedly as she telekinetically lifts her vampire husband up.
“Oh, oh, OH!  How about putting on a live show before leaving?  Our programmers can insert it into our new footage,” Lunamaria insists excitedly while hopping up and down like a Mexican jumping bean.
What do you say, guys?  For old times’ sake?  Blossom glitter-asks her former bandmates, who all nod in agreement.
“Just give me a minute to heal Mr. SoreButt here first, ok?” Kailin insists pleasantly as she surrounds Matthew with several glowing yellow, purple, and white hearts – obviously an instant healing spell.
Upon arriving at the concert stage a few minutes later, the original Rainbow Rockers survey their new rock ‘n’ roll ground – an Art Deco-styled concert stage in neon green, neon violet, and turquoise.
“Hmm . . . quaint for a talk show,” an already-healed Matthew compliments casually with his bandmates nodding in agreement.
With that, the veteran rockers get into their original rock ‘n’ roll positions – Ursula in front as the vocalist, Matthew and Kailin at her sides as the lead guitarist and bassist respectively, and Blossom on a tall pillar behind them as the drummer.
Wha . . . am I becoming rusty with my magic already?  Blossom glitter-replies nervously while bringing her head down with a big sweatdrop.
No, the author simply sent you here by accident before realizing that.  He sent me here to inform you of that, Danica glitter-explains, plain and simple.
“That explains a lot what with looking over so many notes,” an annoyed Matthew replies while rolling his eyes.  
With that, Blossom does the magical teleportation tango again to get everyone to the right place this time.  In just two seconds, she succeeds in doing so.  The new stage everyone’s on now resembles the North Pole in a scale-model version with realistic icicle borders and a roaring blizzard in the background.  To add to the Arctic ambience, a giant polar bear is looming over the stage with its paws hovering over as if it’s pouncing on an unsuspecting target.
“Oh my, this is quite a frighteningly accurate depiction of Antarctica indeed!” a nervous Kailin exclaims as she quickly glomps Matthew, holding onto him for dear life.
“It’s all right, Princess.  So, are all of ya ready to rock?” the vegetarian vampire himself assures as he brings his main crush into his arms.
The other bandmates nod casually in unison and then look over to the audience bleachers to see Diddy, Orpheus, and Lunamaria sitting down with sound-recording equipment and cameras activated and ready.
“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the first – and only – performance of our special guest band – the original incarnation of the Rainbow Rockers!!!” the musical magician announces off-screen via microphone.
And with that, the golden oldies band rocks and rolls on with a speed-metal song along the line of classic Megadeth and Metallica, with the extreme sonic vibrations produced by their musical awesomeness causing the icicles on the ceiling to fall and pierce the ground before them.  Plus, the polar bear statue suddenly comes to life and . . . headbangs all the way with dual ‘love’ handsigns.
“Yep . . . music is the universal language still,” Diddy says proudly as he joins in the headbanging.
“This animatronic bear only activates under the presence of true rock ‘n’ roll – so yeah,” Orpheus agrees as he joins in as well.  “Call it a hidden rock ‘n’ roll gauge, if you will.”
“Groovy, man,” the hippie bee replies as he and his fellow camera crew continue filming the performance.
Ten minutes later, the original Rainbow Rockers walk out of the HTV station in triumph with some of the production team accompanying them through the doors.
“Thank you for your cooperation today, guys.  Since we have enough material for two more broadcasts, we can have the rest of the night off,” Lunamaria yawns in relief.
“Don’t forget to say ‘THAT’S A WRAP!’, boss!” Valtor points out amusingly.
“I would, but considering what we’ve been through today, I’m too tired to even say that,” the musical magician grumbles as she then clutches her head.  “Ugh, migraine already . . .”
In response to this, Blossom flies over to the over-worked Lunamaria and places her antennae on her forehead.  It glows bright white instantly as the exhausted music director lets out a big breath of relief as she slowly falls to her knees.
“Oh, thanks a million, Dean.  That really hits the spot,” Lunamaria mutters in a sincere tone.  “I have a feeling we’ll be doing this a lot, though.
“I can help you out with your migraines, Lunamaria-sama,” Yukiko assures as she walks over to her boss.  “Leave her to me, Dean, all right?”
Very well, Nao-look alike.  I leave the healing duties to you, Blossom glitter-replies with a nod.
“Uh, look alike?” the sky blue miko asks as she looks down at her dress much to her sweat-dropping embarrassment.  “Oh.  Nao and I tend to wear similar dresses, don’t we – then again, we have been in miko training together since graduating from high school.”
Just then, Saffron appears before the Rainbow Rockers from out of the blue – no, it’s not a teleportation trick.  She’s just THAT fast.  “Do NOT inform anyone of Yukiko’s presence in this television station – ESPECIALLY Takakazu Hayashi.  Do you hear me?” she insists in a cold, threatening tone.
“Because of the demon attacks, right?  Of course,” Ursula assures with an understanding nod.
“It doesn’t matter for the time being . . .” Yukiko whispers sadly before running off from the scene, sobbing silently in the process.
“Poor gal . . . please take care of her in the meantime,” Kailin insists in a soft, sympathetic tone.
“That we shall.  Good luck warding off the demons on your behalf,” Valtor assures with a nod.
“Don’t worry, we’ll sack some common sense into those invaders before you can say ‘The Power of Friendship’,” Matthew assures with a confident wink before leaving the scene with his bandmates.
Lunamaria, Saffron, and Valtor wave good-bye to the veteran rockers and then look at each other with concerned faces.  “So both Takakazu Hayashi and Nao Renge are here, as well?  This will be one nasty love triangle,” the musical magician says while shivering of the many possible outcomes to this situation.
“Since Hawk is now with this ‘Phoenix’ sentai, perhaps it is for the better to avoid escalating the Hayashi/Shiratori feud,” the golden kunoichi replies while shrugging her shoulders.  
“Still, I feel a great deal of sympathy for Swan.  She’s one month pregnant with Hawk’s son,” the darkling points out in a soft, sad tone while bringing his head down – much to Lunamaria’s gasping surprise.  “On the other hand, Nao has an unrequited love dream going on with Hawk as well.  She loves him dearly and wants to be with him forever.  I’m conflicted on whom I should be siding with, really.”
“I’m with Yukiko all the way.  Considering her pregnancy out of wedlock and all, she really needs a happy ending – and she will, whatever Nao and Takakazu like it or not,” Saffron replies in a calm but furious tone as she stabs one of her sai into the ground to make a point.
Lunamaria shudders in fear by this, but swallows it up to retain a confident leader mood.  “We will, have no fear.  We just need to be patient, that’s all,” she finally says as the three walks back into the HTV station to have their well-deserved break.
Harmonia Profile II Chapter 9
Here's another chapter of mine and :icondbcdude01: 's sequel to Harmonia Profile DX.  Hope you enjoy and look out for chapter 10 soon :)


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Life-is-the-bubbles Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the :+devwatch:! :heart:
Let me hug you! 

Remember me? I used to be Princess-Mer-Tigerz :) I moved to this new account. :) 
Clipperwhiz1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Yes, I do :)  We still friends, are we?
Life-is-the-bubbles Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, we are :) 
Clipperwhiz1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Okay :)  Mind if I do an entry for your contest?
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comicfam Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
comicfam Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
p.s. centaur transformation
shnoogums5060 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Art trade part complete: AT: The Muscular Fairy by shnoogums5060
RedFalcon23 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for watching
Clipperwhiz1 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
no problem :)
fangtasia69 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday :D
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