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Chapter 1

Out in the Atlantic Ocean, two young ladies in pirate clothing are sailing on a ship the size of your typical motorboat.  One of them, a pale-skinned lady with a large belly is standing in the front while holding up binoculars to scour the distance for any signs of land.  The other one, a severely-tanned woman, is roving the boat with giant wooden saddles that are thrice her size.  No wonder why she’s quite muscular, able to row without breaking a sweat.  She has long messy hair in a fiery red and even wears in warm fire colors, while her obviously-pregnant partner has short, wavy purple hair and wears in cool colors.
“How are you hanging in there, Noel?’ the purple-haired pirate calls out while still in binocular mode.
“This is just casual exercise to me, Nicole.  For the millionth time, I’m fine,” the muscular redhead calls out as she continues rowing as usual.
“I still can’t see any islands up ahead, sis.  We’ll take a break in thirty, all right?” Nicole calls out assuredly, with her big sister nodding in response.  “Uh . . . wait a minute . . . I see something . . .”
Behind Nicole’s POV, we can see what appears to be a volcano materializing into the distance.  Outside, she sweat drops nervously as if this is a Japanese animation.  She finally brings down the binoculars and looks over to Noel with a nervous giggle.  
The red-headed pirate notices her younger sister’s expression and lets go of her paddles.  “What’s wrong, sis?” she asks as she cracks her knuckles to get rid of the swelling.
“We’re approaching a volcano.  It appears to be dormant, but I’m not going to take a chance.  Take us out of here, Noel,” the purple-head replies nervously.
“Ah, come on.  You want to be a pirate, so you have to take the risk versus reward part seriously.  Where’s the adventure and excitement in going the safe and easy way?” Noel groans annoyingly.  “I heard of a legend regarding a giant ruby inside a volcano, by the way.  Maybe this is it . . .” she adds while smiling mischievously.
“Well, keep in mind that I can’t do anything rough.  You lead first, okay?” Nicole insists nervously while rubbing her big belly in a motherly fashion.
“Sure.  I’ll go by myself while you stay on our ship even,” Noel smiles assuredly as she walks over and gently hugs her sister.
“No, Noel.  We’re in this pirate business together, remember?  Let’s do this,” the cool fiery pirate insists while returning the hug.
The warm fiery pirate nods in agreement and jumps back to her paddles – only to send herself and Noel flying from their ship as if their ship is a catapult.
In just a minute, Noel lands on the island with a loud THUD!  The impact is enough to make an impression of the redhead on the spot.  Upon jumping out of the newly-made hole, she looks around desperately for any signs of her pregnant sister . . . who’s just softly landed right behind her via giant parasol.  
“BOO!” Nicole cries out mischievously while grabbing her big sister in a playful fashion.
“EEK!” Noel cries out in fright as her skin suddenly turns white in a snap.  Upon looking over, she quickly glomps her sister while crying out in waterfalls.  “Thank goodness!  Don’t frighten me like that again!”
“Well, be careful with your landings next time.  You tend to underestimate your strength from time to time,” the purple-head points out with a giggle while her sister sweatdrops nervously.
“So true, my bad,” Noel giggles nervously as she walks ahead to start the long climb up.
And so, the pirate sisters help each other make it up the giant volcano, holding each other’s arms when either gets tired from walking so much.  By the way they finally reach the very top, they stop their walk and take a look out into the ocean.  It’s beautiful from up here, with the sun shining its rays on the rippling waters as they move to the north thanks to the gentle breeze throughout.  It looks like liquid diamond, which makes the pirate sisters’ eyes sparkle in awe.
“Oh, the ocean itself is such a beautiful treasure in sunny days,” Nicole gasps happily as she extends her arms out in sheer joy . . . unknowingly knocking Noel into the hole next to them.
The fiery red-head screams in fright while flapping her arms in a cartoonish, frantic fashion during her fast descent into the magma depths within.  Just then, she sees a rocky ledge coming her way and ceases her panic to make a grab for it.  When Noel grabs it with just one hand, the ledge instantly shatters into pebbles for obvious reasons.  And with that, her freefall to death continues without more interruptions.
“Cursed with awesome, I am,” the redhead pirate grumbles annoyingly as she closes her eyes, preparing for a painful death . . . only to feel something grabbing her hand from out of nowhere.  She looks up to see Nicole giggling nervously while holding out her parasol for obvious reasons.
“MY bad now,” the purple-head mutters apologetically while looking around her surroundings.  “So, is the legend true?”
“Oh, you mean . . .” Noel asks annoyingly before looking down at her landing site.  “WHOA!  LOOK DOWN, SISTA!”
Nicole follows suit and gasps in amazement with her eyes sparkling like sapphires.  At the now-visible bottom, there’s a giant ruby shining forth while surrounded by a large rock platform.  
“It’s – it’s true!  And so beautiful . . .” the pregnant pirate stutters in awe just before shivering suddenly.  “Whoa, I can feel its power from up here . . . there’s something about it, Noel.  More to that legend you told me, perhaps?”
“Wait, there’s more . . . uh . . . it can give whoever finds it great magical power.  But there’s a catch – it can only be harnessed by two people – two people with a bond as strong and unbreakable as the power itself . . .” Noel explains while trying to remember what she knows – just before winking at her sister.
“That’s awe – wait.  You wanted to come here so if the legend is indeed true, right?” Nicole smirks amusedly.
“And to help us become great pirates – just like we promised Grandma Molly so long ago.  We need a little help to keep our promise, that’s all,” Noel giggles happily.
Once the muscular redhead finishes talking, she and her sister have already landed on the rocky platform.  Nicole puts away her parasol and stays by her big sister’s side as Noel already makes her move toward the giant ruby.  Upon reaching their first ever trophy, the sisters hold each other with one hand and then place their free hands on the abnormally giant gem.
Suddenly, a raging burst of glowing red light bursts forth from its gem and engulfs both pirate ladies in its surging sparkle without warning.  After a few seconds, it explodes in a flash of white flames as two faint grey figures float within its core.  Once this spectacular fiery – well, spectacle – fades away from existence, Nicole and Noel are revealed unharmed as they float back down to the platform.  
However, the pirate sisters’ appearance is drastically altered from their original pirate rags.  They now wear short-sleeved jumpsuits with strapped corsets, jeweled metal belts with frilly skirts attached, and boots with metal guards.  They also have transparent waistbows and fancy pirate hats, as well.  Here are the color differences between the sisters . . .
Black hat with blue rose and red feather attached, Scarlet red jumpsuit, silver corset and belt, neon blue waist-bow, purple skirt, and white boots with silver guards.
Mahogany strap with red pirate skull and lightning crossbones, solar yellow jumpsuit, golden corset and belt, creamy orange waist-bow, fiery orange skirt, and dark brown boots with black guards.
So Nicole represents the cool colors of fire, with her big sister represents the traditional warm/hot colors.  Neat, huh?  Anyway, the newly-powered up pirate sisters look down and gasp at their new outfits.  
“Yowza!  The legend was true after all!” the pregnant purple-head exclaims in delight. “I didn’t expect new clothes as well, though!  So, exactly what kind of powers does that ruby provided us?  I know the element, but well, you know – weapons, protection spells, attack spells, what?”
Just before Noel can explain anymore, something is bubbling in the surrounding magma – accompanied by a faint but spine-chilling shriek that echoes throughout the area.  Nicole yelps in fright as she zips over to her big sister’s side in a snap.  
“Oh come on!  Surely you know by now that such a grand treasure isn’t so easily taken.  You need to take account the traps and guardians nearby,” the redhead pirate grumbles annoyingly.  
“I’m afraid for MY BABY, Noel!  Sheesh – okay, I’m a bit afraid myself, too,” Nicole replies while shaking nervously.  
“You need to be brave and strong for your child, Nicole.  That’s part of a good mother,” Noel insists, being serious now.
“You’re right, sis.  So where’s this trap or guardian you’ve mentioned?” the fiery purple-head replies before taking a deep breath to calm down.  
As if on cue, a giant red dragon shoots out from the magma from behind the pirate sisters and lets out a loud shriek to let its presence known.  Nicole and Noel turn face quickly and do some cool attack poses to prepare for their first major fight.
“So how do we use the ruby’s power at our command?” the pregnant pirate asks her big sister.
After hearing this, the muscular redhead gasps in fright as she blushes in embarrassment.  “I – I don’t know,” she mutters with a giggle.
“WHAT?!  Oh great!” Nicole groans angrily as she face-palms herself.  
Taking advantage of this, the magma serpent unleashes a giant gust of purple flame at its opponents, who scream frantically before running around like mice being chased by hungry cats.  Realizing what they’re doing, Noel herself face-palms in embarrassment and motions her cool counterpart to halt.  
“Just because we don’t know how to harness our powers yet, doesn’t mean we’re helpless.  Let’s take this snake out the old-fashioned way, shall we?” the golden pirate insists annoyingly.  “I’ll be on the offensive, and if it comes your way, hit it with everything you’ve got.”
“Okay . . .” a nervous Nicole mutters as she holds her big belly close.  “Be careful, Noel.”
“I always have been, sis,” Noel herself smiles assuredly as she whips out a giant blunderbuss from her back.
With that, the golden pirate charges forth toward her serpentine enemy and jumps upward to fire several rounds of shrapnel at its head.  Despite the massive quantity that would shred a human apart in seconds flat, it doesn’t affect the magma serpent at all – not even a dent in its shiny red scales.  
“Persistent one, eh?  How about something red-hot for breakfast, then?” Noel smirks amusingly as she darts upward again while whipping out several red grenades from her skirt pocket.  
As for the magma serpent, it opens up its mouth in an attempt to eat the muscular red-head – but she lands on its tongue and easily holds the fiery dragon’s upper jaw with one arm.  Thus, Noel yawns as she easily hurls five or so grenades right into her serpentine opponent’s throat.
“Close your mouth before you chew!” the golden pirate scolds as she slams the dragon’s upper jaw down for obvious reasons – and gives it a swift kick in the throat for good measure before landing back to Nicole’s side.
Just before the magma serpent can let out another shriek in anger, the grenades set off in a fiery explosion that comes flying out from its mouth . . . but to Noel’s amazement, no harm has occurred.  The golden pirate pulls her messy hair in frustration and simply runs back to the magma serpent while whipping out two flintlock pistols from her skirt pockets.
Upon confronting the magma serpent again, Noel dodges an incoming tail whip from her serpentine opponent and fires several bullets from her pistols gangsta-style – only for the bullets to simply bounce off the dragon’s body like pebbles.  Not having any of this crud anymore, the muscular redhead simply reaches for the dragon’s tail and proceeds to slam the seemingly indestructible beast into the volcano’s side three times, hoping to at least break its ribs at least.
Even this isn’t working, for the dragon easily frees itself from Noel’s grip and slams her back onto the rock platform.  Nicole squees in horror as she hurries over to her sister’s side.  She hugs Noel tight and lets her rest before looking up at the magma serpent with a glare that could kill.  Not easily intimidated by a human – the fiery dragon charges forward at its new opponent . . .
. . . who then whips out a giant broadsword from her back and slams the magma serpent down onto the platform – which, amazingly, sends it into a deep unconsciousness.  Nicole smiles in satisfaction as she whips out a fishing net from her skirt pockets, covering the dragon’s entire head and hammering it down with iron posts.  
“I’ll teach you to mess with my big sister.  Take this!  And this!  And this!  AND THIS!” the pregnant pirate screams furiously as she continues smacking the magma serpent all over with her broadsword, laying down blow after blow to even make a scratch to its armor-like skin.  “AARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!  Why isn’t our weapons working on this bully!?!”
As if on cue, the magma serpent wakes up and raises its head up to tear the net.  Nicole hums ‘Ah-ah-ah!’ before hurling several giant fishhooks from her hands, which ensnares the dragon by its cheeks.  She brings the hooks down to slam her serpentine opponent back to submission.  
Suddenly, a bright blue slash mark appears in front of the dragon’s teeth – with one of the fangs gradually sliding out before falling off.  Before it hits the ground though, a hand reaches out and catches it from out of nowhere.  Nicole is confused by this sudden turn of events before seeing a shadowy male figure walking into her view.  She then gasps in happiness once the new person is revealed before her.  
It’s a young man in his late twenties, very handsome with dark brown hair in a shoestring ponytail and gray eyes.  Judging from his clothing – a leather tunic, moccasins, a feathered headband, and an arrowhead tattoo on his upper right arm – he’s a pirate as well.
“DUNCAN!” Nicole shrieks in joy as she glomps the new pirate on the spot.
“Whoa!  Hey there, Nicole!  I see you and Noel have already activated the Soul Ruby’s power.  Great outfit you have, by the way,” Duncan himself chuckles amusedly.
“We don’t know how to use it, so we’ve been trying to beat up this mean dragon old-school style.  So far, nothing,” the silver pirate chuckles nervously.
“Well, normal attacks – and fiery attacks as well – won’t work on this type of dragon.  You need to hurt with a part of itself that can be hacked off – like this fang, for example,” the vagabond pirate explains as he hands the aforementioned dragon tooth to Nicole.  “You can do the honor, m’lady.”
As if on cue, the magma serpent wakes up again with a massive shriek that shakes the entire rock platform up, sending the two to their knees just before they could finish the creature off.  To make matters worse, the fang Nicole is wielding flies out of her hand and is seemingly about to hit the lava . . .
. . . When suddenly, Noel zips across and grabs the dragon tooth just in time before hopping onto the serpent’s back.  She takes a deep breath to collect her composure before getting up and running over to the dragon’s head for obvious reasons.
“GO FOR THE THROAT, NOEL!  THAT’S ITS WEAK SPOT!” Duncan calls out to let the golden pirate know.
Noel herself nods before jumping onto her serpentine opponent’s head and reaches under to stab the target site with the fang.  She gets off in time as the magma serpent shrieks in agonizing pain as dark red blood bursts out from its throat like a broken fountain.  Eventually, it finally dies and hits the lava while disintegrating into a storm of raging red embers.
“Wow, what a beautiful sight!” Nicole exclaims happily as she embraces Duncan in her arms.  “Thanks a million for your help!”
“No problemo, Nicole.  Thanks for delivering the finishing blow, by the way, Noel,” the heroic vagabond says amusedly as he gives the golden pirate a noogie.
“I’m not a kid, pal,” Noel grumbles annoyingly.  “But you’re welcome regardless.”
“How’s our baby, by the way?” Duncan asks concernedly to his girlfriend as he gently places his head on her belly.
“It’s been four months, so it’s still early.  I’ve taken good care of myself and our child, so don’t you worry your cute cheeks,” Nicole assures as she playfully tugs at her future husband’s cheek, much to Noel’s amusement.
“That’s good to hear.  Now let’s get out of here before it literally blows,” Duncan insists concernedly.
“Let me get that ‘Soul Ruby’ first, okay?” Noel insists as she rushes over and picks up the still-sparkling ruby with just one arm.  “Uh . . . how DO we get out of here?”
“Hey, you can punch right through rocks.  Make us an entrance, will you please with cherries on top?” Nicole insists playfully.
“Always leaving me to do the dirty work?” Noel grumbles annoyingly just before walking away to do her rock-punching thing.
Ten minutes later, the pirate trio is already back on their boat and sailing through the apparently endless waves.  Noel is taking a quick snooze while embracing the Soul Ruby like a teddy bear while Nicole and Duncan are sitting on the front being lovey-dovey and all.  Afterwards, they look over to see the golden pirate and chuckle in amusement.
“She looks so cute when she’s asleep, no?” the silver pirate asks her true love.
“Not as much as you, my precious ember,” Duncan replies as he and his future wife share a passionate kiss.  “I’m not being rude, of course.”
“I know you’re not.  So what should we do with the Soul Ruby so we can keep its power with us wherever we go?” Nicole asks with a sexy smile.
“Surely your merchant friends back at your hometown can do something – maybe break it apart and put the pieces into bracelets for you and Noel to wear always?” the vagabond pirate suggests with a wink.
“Sounds like a plan.  So, what shall we do in the meantime since Noel is catching Z’s?” the silver pirate asks as she looks back to her sleeping sister.
“Do the same, I guess.  This volcano is long dormant, just to assure you,” Duncan suggests assuredly.
“Yawn . . . okay.  I AM getting a bit drowsy, by the way,” Nicole agrees sheepishly as she falls asleep in her true love’s arms.
Duncan smiles as he kisses his girlfriend on the forehead and embraces him softly as he too drifts off to dreamland.
Twin Flames Chapter 1
Here's the first chapter of mine and :icondbcdude01: 's magical pirate story, Twin Flames, featuring the fiery pirate sisters, Nicole and Noel.  Hope you all like this and look out for chapter 2 soon :)
Fiery Pirate Ladies for DBCDude01 by Clipperwhiz1
Fiery Pirate Ladies for DBCDude01
Here's one of three birthday gifts for :icondbcdude01: - a sister team of fiery pirates which we'll be doing a story about in the summer.  Happy Birthday :)


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